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Material video Kla TV 763 celebritati moarte, in direct, dupa „vaccinarea” anti-Covid 19

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Kla TV are 17 ore de filmare cu celebritati care au murit in direct dupa vaccinarea anti-Covid 19

Aici o mica mostra.

Cine este Kla TV?

Klagemauer TV ([edit]

Sasek’s organization founded the online channel (abbreviated as Kla.TV). Sasek’s son Elias heads the station and its Internet team.[32]

Since at least 2016, Kla.TV has published many videos on current political events. In a professionally dressed-up studio, a female announcer reads out various „news” stories that the „mainstream media” allegedly suppress. According to Meedia observers, the broadcasts are reminiscent of Kopp Verlag‘s earlier news programs and, like them, attempt to give conspiracy-theory reports a serious airing.[33]



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